THE REFLECTION POOL / Cyanotype + Gum Bichromate

“I wonder how other people see me” 

The Reflection Pool is a series of deliberate alternative photography prints made to explore the way we contemplate ourselves, our lives, and the way others perceive us. A moment of self refection can happen anywhere; often times nature is the perfect environment for us to distill our conscience minds. This series brings into focus some of what may be our deepest and our most shallow thoughts.



DEJA VU SUMMER / 2015 Design Week Portland / Cyanotype + Gum Bichromate

Déjà vu Summer was a one night art event held during Design Week Portland. Chosen artists created two color designs based on a theme that were printed with alternative photography.

Artists included in the event were Alex Despain, Amanda Baker, Amy Meyer, Andrea Kerr, Anna Ropalo, Bryan Wasetis, Connie Ng, Conrad Crespin, Doug Merritt, Forrest Grenfell, Jaclyn Hudak, Jason Sturgill, Keegan Wenkman, Ken Whaler, Lea Loo, Maja Dlugolecki, Phillip Stewart, Niko Courtelis, Sheli Ben-ner, Tess Donohoe, Veronica Flinn, and Zach Yarrington. The show was sponsored in part by Aspect Law Group and Design Week Portland.

Photography by Daniel Cole for Design Week Portland


THE WEST MUST BE WONDERFUL / A Study on the Block / Cyanotype + Gum Bichromate


A SANDWICH / An Experiment with Color Film